The Major square

An emblematic space that was previously occupied by the former castle of the archbishop of Tarragona. As time went by the castle began to crumble and a water tank construction was attempted on its soil.

In the middle of 19th century, an urban development of new structures was projected that left a great open space delimited by two buildings with porticoes.

In 1889 in the southern part the space is divided with the creation of a square that is known as the Small one. The floor was soil and on occasions trees were planted.

In 1930 it is illuminated electronically and a daily agricultural market starts taking place, operating until the fifties. In 1937, taking advantage of the underground warehouse, an air-raid shelter is built.

The last important restructure takes place in 1977, in which a named street is opened, gardened zones are created, a lake is constructed with several fountains and the floor is bricked.

Nowadays it receives every Thursday a variety marketplace.