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Within Riudoms has been abundant prehistoric, Romans, Visigoths remains, etc.; nevertheless, the current core is founded on January 25, 1151, with the donation of the letter of repopulation of the Norman prince Robert d’Aguiló to the gentleman Arnau de Palomar.

From the 12th century and until the XIXth, his owner is the archbishop of Tarragona.

Besides Antoni Gaudí, between his illustrious children stand out the Franciscan devout person Bonaventura Gran and the composer Joan Guinjoan.

In spite of the fact that Riudoms has a certain strength during the first times, everything aims that between the 14th century and the XVth suffers epidemics, plunders and destructions of such a magnitude that devastate almost all the previous constructions.

Therefore, there do not stay vestiges of medieval epoch. It is from the 16th century that there remain housings and historical spaces like that we describe in this web.

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