01 Riudoms (1852-1926)

Riudoms is a villa situated in the plains of the Camp of Tarragona, with a dry, tempered and windy climate. Its boundary mark has been deforested along the years in benefit to the service of the agriculture.

Since the 18th century its inhabitants began to mine the subsoil or to make wells to convert the areas of dryness into irrigation and, in this way, cultivate also the garden and the fruit trees. As a consequence the farmers from Riudoms are known in many markets of the environment.

Despite this, the industrial progress and the railroad are not implanted in the municipality and it provokes an economic and demographic stagnation.

In the middle of the 19th century, the population was of approximately 3.500 inhabitants, quantity that did not vary until the sixties of the 20th century.

For this reason many families, such as that of Antoni Gaudí, emigrate to near cities as Reus and Tarragona or to the influence zone of Barcelona.

At the end of the 19th century, the vineyard cultivation produces a significant prosperity until the arrival of the phylloxera . In that moment the hazelnut tree is the new impulse and turns into the predominant cultivation for a century.