21 The Master’s words


“With the flowerpots, vineyard enclosures and olive trees, encouraged by the clucking of hens, the chirping of birds and the buzzing of insects, and with Prades’s mountains in the background, I took the purest and most pleasant images of Nature, this Nature that has always been my Teacher”
“Our real garden is that of flowers and of shrubs, since thick trees are scarce (in the northern part they are abundant), of vegetables, almond-trees and fruit trees; and in the country pathways, all kinds of flowers attached to stone shapes and figures”
“This tree near my workroom: this one is my teacher”
“Architecture creates the organism and for this reason it has to have a law in agreement with those of Nature”
“Originality consists in returning to its origin; consequently original is that which through its own means returns to the simplicity of the first solutions”.
“Fence walls, land margins, cabins and pots have to be elaborated on a base of land (blocks) and dry stones, that is to say, without mortar (since the mortar demands the work of a bricklayer, which is expensive). The fact that the stones are dry placed means to say void resistance to the extension and, therefore, adoption of balanced forms”
“They asked me why I was creating sloping columns. I responded to them that for the same reason that the tired traveller, when exhausted, he is supported by a sloping cane, he does not rest in a vertical position”