20 The Witnesses 2

Emili Bertran Muntané (Riudoms, 1932)
My father, Francesc Bertran Cabré (1908-1987), explained to me that Gaudi was not a man of a cheerful character, nevertheless he always greeted everybody. When he visited Riudoms, he had the obsession to go to the farmhouse whether on foot or by tartan. He used to approach the carpentry of the Monja and take Wall Street up to the Passeres pathway. From there he walked till he reached the creek side and then go straight on to the farmhouse. He was not seen much in the town center, only when he went to mass. Gaudí, always wanted to be up to date with issues of the land, reason why he was frequently asking the farmers, with whom he had animated conversations.

Enric Mas Torres (Riudoms, 1934)
My father, Anton Mas Font (1900-1978), explained to me that Gaudí used to come to Riudoms on weekends now and then. He was a lonely man who enjoyed walking along the paths of the town outskirts and the creek. You could see he was thoughtful, as if he was searching for something and this led him to poking into the walls that were used as demarcation between the estates or in the margins of stone that were avoiding the detachments of land. These constructions were made of dry stone, with mounted pieces one on another, without cement … He used to lift the stones easily to find snails, lizards, slugs, beetles, etc., that he kept in his pockets and that could serve him for the works that it was doing.

Joan Eloi Gispert Trillas (Barcelona, 1946)
In the decade of the twenties of last century my paternal grandmother, Caterina Llauradó Corts (1857-1940), used to stay periods in Barcelona and lived in my father’s house, Joan Gispert Llauradó (1899-1978), who had a shop of provisions opened between the San Juan’s Walk and Roger de Flor Street, in the Diagonal, near the Sacred Family. Many mornings she used to spend moments with Gaudí. My grandmother Caterina used to bring him hazelnuts, oil, and vegetables and he always responded by saying: “Caterina what do you know, of Riudoms?”, and they used to chat in a bench near the temple.