19 Testimonial 1

M. Teresa Anguera Masip (Riudoms, 1940)
I am a daughter of the descendant of the midwife that attended Gaudi’s mother. What must be understood is that the memory of his birth has not lived on because of the fact that it was of a famous celebrity, but of the fact that it was a very complicated parturition, that, fortunately had a happy ending. My aunt – grandmother explained that her grandmother, the midwife Engràcia, was gathered by a tartan because a pregnant woman was giving birth in the estate of the Woman Coppersmith. When she arrived, she immediately realized that things were not going well, and that the poor woman, the mother of Gaudí, was very scared and was asking to be taken to her mother’s house. It was obvious that the farmhouse was not a suitable place to give birth, but it would have been worse to risk giving birth on the way to the mother’s house. Therefore the midwife determined that they would remain there. The birth itself lasted for many hours including the woman’s suffering. The baby was born with deficiencies.

Ricard Mas Torres (Riudoms, 1930)
We had a strip of land in the area called the Clota, near the farmhouse of the Woman Coppersmith. My father, Anton Mas Font (1900-1978) explained, that in a couple of very important floods that occurred in Riudoms, the stockade that was touching the Maspujol Creek, known as the Trinitat estate (formerly known as that of the Sun), had to be rebuilt. My grandfather, Anton Mas Anglès, together with Gaudí’s father and others, worked elbow with elbow for days to restore and reinforce it.

Antoni Sendrós Mestre (Riudoms, 1922)
Gaudí was a very well educated person with the people of the village. My father, Antoni Sendrós Torres (1892-1983), was explaining to me that he was farming a piece of land of the area of the Clota, which was touching with the Maspujols Creek, near the estate of the Woman Coppersmith, and that Gaudí, when he would be taking a walk would always raise his cane to greet him. If in some occasion my father was working with the mule and with his back towards the creek, Gaudi would wait until he changed direction and once he could see his face, then he would greet him and my father would greet in return.