18 The legacy

During decades the birthplace of the architect was an issue of discussion between the towns of Reus and Riudoms, not to mention the clashes and confrontations provocked by the mass media.

It is in 2002, with the celebration of 150th anniversary of the birth of the genius, when the issue is seriously focused.

In 1975 a monolith, dedicated to Gaudí, had already been erected in Riudoms.

In 2002, Gaudí’s manor in Riudoms, becomes a house museum.

In 2007 Reus opened The Gaudí Centre, a center of interpretation of the life and work of the artist.

Also in the same 2007 two areas are inaugurated in Riudoms, the Gaudí Epicenter, close to the house museum, to promote the diffusion of the work of the architect, and the restructured Tree Square, in which gaudian and oriental elements blend, in honor to the interest that wakes Gaudí’s work amongst the Japanese culture.

During these years several decorative elements are included to the urban environment, in memory of the gaudinian art.