17 The foundations

A year and a half before his death, the architect created, on January 23, 1925, two foundations dedicated to his parents, by means of which a spiritual exercise had to be done in memory of their souls.

That of his mother, as it had no patrimonial inheritance, was endowed with railway stocks.

That of his father, thanks to the credit supported in Riudoms, the family heritage, was endowed with the estate of the Woman Coppersmith, the manor, the estate of the Sorts property and six ownership actions of the Riudecanyes’s marsh.

The one dedicate to his father had to be done in Riudoms’s Parish and that of the mother, in the hermitage of Misericordia or in any other temple in Reus.

These foundations had, as main spiritual event, the visit to the Virgin Mary of Montserrat, according to the policy that had been established by the bishop Josep Torras Bages.

For fifty years these practices would be celebrated within the anonymity of the liturgical private acts.