16 The football pitch

At the beginning of the twenties Riudoms is influenced by the arrival of a new sport, football. Although the game had a basic and simple outline, it allowed complex and passionate executions that improved with disciplined practice, all carried out in a specific location, near the town.

Due to the increasing practice of this sport, the town’s youngsters asked Gaudi if he could donate one of his land properties near the town, petition which he accepted. The players immediately began to clean and level the area. The location is known as the field of les Sorts and is considered to be the first soccer field that Riudoms had. This favored the formation of the club, the Riudoms Deportiu, existing since 1923.

Josep Ferré and Enric Salomó, as secretary and treasurer of the entity, were the managers at the moment of this transaction. They travelled up to Barcelona and approached the house of Park Güell. Gaudí received them with great hospitality and said: “There was no need to come to Barcelona for such a small thing, because as you already know, I, for my village, will do whatever“.

This action rooted deep inside the heart of his compatriots as a sample of everlasting affection towards Riudoms.