14 Religion

The spiritual aspect marked Antoni Gaudí’s life.

As clear evidence of this, in 1883, at 31 years of age, he accepted the construction of the Sacred Family Cathedral and, later, he received a wide diversity of orders for the construction of buildings with religious orders. To the point of including in his civil architecture the usage of religious symbols as the Gaudinian cross of four arms.

Even so, the definitive jump towards a Spiritual life took place in 1894, when a personal crisis led him to an extreme fasting.

From then onwards the artist practiced a rigorous religiousness that helped him to support the adversities and the absences…

In Reus, he took part in several pilgrimages to the sanctuary of Misericordia.

He is also acquainted with Riudoms’s religious traditions, a villa with known religious manifestations, especially those carried out during Easter, organized by the confraternity of the Blood, created in the 16th century, and more recently celebrated during the festivities in honor to the town’s beatified son, the Franciscan Bonaventura Gran (1620-1684).