13 The return to his origins

During his life, Gaudí visited Riudoms with more or less frequency, depending on the periods.

In his first years of profession, it is especially his father, the old coppersmith, who remained in charge of the granddaughter, Rosita.

In the last years, from 1914 onwards, when he does not have any works pending, the architect frequents more the villa, as well as Reus. He liked to get up early in the morning, he crossed the village to go to mass and later he would go towards his land properties or he would walk along the country pathways of the term. Alongside the edges of these local ways there would grow long-suffering vegetation, which facilitated his investigations, due to the reason that they would leave exposed their internal body structure. In the margins of the small creek named Anton of the Woman Coppersmith, he would remove the sands or lift the stones to find all kinds of organic and mineral elements. He ate in constant movement, extracting dried fruits from inside his pockets: hazelnuts, almonds, raisins… Later in the afternoon, he would return to the manor house with a basket of fruits and vegetables and he would socially accompany the local farmers.

Once he arrived to the room of his house, he would deposit on his office table the results of his findings and he would pass the hours contemplating them and analyzing them.