11 Studies

At 16 years of age, Antoni Gaudí together with his brother Francesc moved to Barcelona to finish high school and to initiate the studies of access to the university career. In order to meet expenses, his father asked for loans, a mortgage and also had to sell part of their heritage in Riudoms.

At the age of 21, the artist joined the Arquitecture School of Barcelona. He blended his university degree with the acceptance of orders that helped him to pay his studies, which ended in 1878 . The first one who trusted in him was the master builder Josep Fontserè Mestre (1829-1897), with whom he collaborated in several works of the park of the Ciutadella. The Fontserè family also came from Riudoms, where for a century and a half they had managed several carpentry workshops.

It was a hard period for Gaudí, due to the fact that in a short period of time he saw a good part of his family disappear: in 1876, his brother Francesc -recently licensed in medicine- and his mother died, and in 1879, his sister Rosa passed away, leaving a daughter, Rosita, of whom the architect and his father, the old coppersmith, took under custody.