10 His youth

Gaudí studied in several primary schools of Reus and, from 1863 till 1868, he went to the college of the religious escolapios of Reus. Nowadays the building is currently being occupied by the IES Salvador Vilaseca.

In his first years, he started to evaluate projects and works, as that of the reconstruction of Poblet’s monastery, as well as taking part, together with his friends Eduard Toda y Josep Ribera, in the student`s magazine “El Arlequín”.

His father’s workshop, located in the street of San Juan, had a discreet work volume and only had one official working with him. Due to this, he and his brother Francesc, at a very young age, helped in the auxiliary works. This stage influenced decisively Antoni Gaudí, because it provided him with a multidisciplinary knowledge and with a three-dimensional perception of the forms to the point that he adopted them for his architectural creations, the use of models instead of plans which surprised all, demonstrating a wide knowledge in the usage of handcrafted technologies.

The artist conceived his work as a volumetric unitary body that shaped from its main lines up to the decorative details.