09 Childhood

During the first period of his life, Gaudí lives astride between two worlds, that of the city, which him tries the academic educations, and the rural one, that the help to discovering the primary rules of the nature.

At a young age begins to suffer attacks of rheumatism articular and frequents the field of Riudoms. To lighten the pains it is mounted on a small donkey, thing that forbids it to take part in the games of his companions and to favor the contact with the landscape with the observation of minerals, plants and small animals. Across these moments of leisure it discovers the nature, which he will name his teacher, whose forms manage to be the principal model of his art.

In the 19th century he her was laughing at Maspujols, to few meters of his farmhouse, fall it waters down more or less all the year round. His changeable flow modifies incessantly the landscape and the young person Anton remains surprised before this spectacle, while his family cultivates the land. This way he learned architecture before knowing that this one existed as science.