08 His bird

In spite of the fact that it is anecdotal, Antoni Gaudí’s birth has confronted two populations during decades.

The defenders of the “Reus theory” say that the architect was baptized in Reus and that he always made it clear in writing that he is a native of this city. All that, is true.

Even so, the fact is that many of his collaborators, friends and relatives heard the artist, clearly mentioning that he was born in the Woman Coppersmith property, in Riudoms.

Evidently the place was not conditioned to give birth, however, everything aims that his birth was premature. Gaudí was born on June 25, 1852, only thirteen months after his brother Francesc. The most trustworthy version is that his family was spending the day of Sant Joan (June 24) on the property. Suddenly and unexpectedly his mother begins to have symptoms of childbirth delivery. The neighbors quickly searched for the midwife, Engràcia Llorens Pellicé (1820-1897). When she arrives, she sees that the childbirth is imminent and orders that the mother should not be moved. The birth lasts the whole night and the baby comes to the world in the morning of June 25.

Due to the delicate state of health that the child presents, the midwife recommends that it should be baptized as soon as possible. This was carried out on the 26th of June at the priorate church of Sant Pere, of Reus.