07 The estate of the Woman Coppersmith

Though the Gaudí family maintain several estates in Riudoms between 1828 and 1873 , the one known as the estate of the Woman Coppersmith, achieved the highest reputation of them all.

It is a property measured by two day´s work of the land, situated in the Clota division, just touching the Maspujols creek.
The farmhouse, of which, on occasions there have been doubts of its existence during the 19th century, appeared already outlined in a census of 1859. Gaudí, used to name it the “maset”. The property is planted of vineyards, hazelnut trees and a part of it is garden, and has abundance of water.

The Gaudí family used to spend there the weekends and the hottest seasons. A variety of horticultural and fruit products are cultivated there, as well as the breeding of animals.

The farmhouse is a one floor building, without a chimney, destined for the storage of fruits and tools, and cannot be used for a night´s stay.

As a child and teenager, Antoni Gaudí used to spend important periods of time there following medical prescriptions and always returning whenever he could, along his lifetime.

Later the property and the manor, would be handed in to tenants.