06 The parents

Gaudí´s father, Francesc Gaudí Serra (1813-1906), learnt the coppersmith’s trade in Reus, in Antoni Cornet’s workshop, located in Amargura Street. As time passed by, he fell in love with one of the daughters, Antònia Cornet Bertran (1813-1876), and they married in 1843. They lived and worked in San Juan street, due to the fact that in the workshop of the father-in-law was established the owner´s son, Antoni Cornet Bertran.

The married couple, Gaudí-Cornet, had five children, of which only three reached adult age. The last one of them would be the architect.

The coppersmith maintains his connection with Riudoms because having been the eldest of the brothers, he is declared the inheritor of the familiar heritage. Therefore, he combines his craftsman’s task with that of farmer, exercised especially during the weekends.

Bearing in mind that the majority of the agricultural estates are of dryness, he converts the Calderera farmhouse into irrigation buying several hours of water from a mine. In this way he cultivates garden and fruit trees for family consumption.

Amongst other aspects, the young Gaudí learnt the importance of water storage,a system which he applied in some of his works.