05 The Woman Coppersmith

Gaudí’s grandfather, Francesc Gaudí Salvany, married Rosa Serra Torroja in 1811. They had seven children: Francesc, Maria, Antoni, Rose, Josep, Placid and Salvador.

Unexpectedly, in 1828, the grandfather dies and the grandmother becomes head of the family clan, and was popularly known as the coppersmith’s widow and finally as the Woman Coppersmith: the family would, from then on, be related to, under this nickname. Consequently, Antoni Gaudí is known in Riudoms as Anton, son of the Woman Coppersmith.

When the grandfather died, the eldest of the children was Gaudí’s father, Francesc Gaudí Serra, of only 15 years of age, who learnt the coppersmith’s trade in Reus, where the grandmother widow finally chose to live in 1833 with all her children.

Reus, only five kilometers away from Riudoms, was an effervescent industrial city, full of possibilities. Thus the Woman Coppersmith managed to relocate all her children in trades such as : coppersmith, halberdier, jeweler, chairmaker, etc. All of them married and had descent.

Rosa becomes the administrator and accountant of the fortune of her late husband in Riudoms till her death in Reus in 1873.