04 The house-workshop

We find the house-workshop documented, in Sant Francesc’s lane, since 1765. Its location is on the other side of the walled environment, in the former route that headed to Reus.

Initially Simeó Salvany , the coppersmith, was the first owner, and later it passed on to his daughter, Antònia Salvany and, hereinafter, to Francesc Gaudí Salvany, grandfather of Gaudí.

The last owner of the family is Antoni Gaudí, who donated it to Riudoms’ Parish, by means of a pious foundation.

The house, which was recovered in 2002, has three levels. In the ground floor, there is a spacious entry able to lodge a car, following on is the coppersmith workshop and in the back part there is an open air community garden court. The mezzanine is distributed with a dining room, a single room, another dining room of daily usage with a chimney and a kitchen adjacent to an open air space. In the first floor we find a bedroom with an alcove and, in the later part, a room of photographic exhibitions. The third floor, the garret, presents a flat roof where you can see the drawing maps elaborated to scale of Gaudí’s constructions done by the architect Hiroya Tanaka.

The house connects with the Epicente Gaudí, of new construction.