02 The ancestors (1852-1926)

In Riudoms the surname Gaudí goes back to 350 years ago. The first document where it appears is of 1634. It concerns the matrimonial agreement between a tradesman named Joan Gaudí with Maria Escura. This Gaudí came from France, to be precise, from the zone of Auvergne, and his original surname was “Gaudin”.

The surname in the form “Gaudin” or “Gaudy” is common in French territory. In the Iberian peninsula it only survives in Riudoms; therefore, all those who have it at present, have the same origin.

In spite of the fact that till now one believed that the first Gaudí had been born in south Saint Quinten Sioule, the finding of Joan Gaudí’s testament, written in his own handwriting in 1638, it states that he is a native of Saint Santin, of Saint-Flour’s bishopry.

Seven generations of the above mentioned family lived in Riudoms up to the coming of the architect; among them, there are woollen craftsmen, linen weavers, farmers and coppersmiths. Two of them came to be mayors of the population: Joan Gaudí Escura (1640-1719) and Josep Gaudí Oriol (1676-1732).