Antoni Gaudí

To part of the anecdote of the birth, to know the relation between Gaudí and Riudoms is important for discovering the essential guidelines that they marked the young person Gaudí and that led him to developing his personal vision of the art.

Gaudí is the only product that was capable of conceiving his works of a three-dimensional and global way with a mixture of natural and scientific wisdom.

All that they were comprehensions that him came of a few first decades of observation and study to his land and of the reinforcement that had of near persons, as his father.

His multidisciplinary genius did that he was finding a new profit of traditional materials and of handcrafted technologies, as well as a scientific explanation of the great architectural quality of organic and natural structures.

The paradigm of all that might be the use of the arch catenary by means of the model estereofunicular, though that his range of new solutions is impressive; for this motive it is worth a sorrow coming closer even Riudoms and discovering the motives that used him as inspiration.