• The architect from Riudoms, Antoni Gaudí i Cornet
    • Gaudí, from Riudoms!
    • The square of Sant Antoni, at night
    • The old part of town
    • La Pedrera (Casa Milà) Unesco World Heritage
    • The «gegant» of Gaudí front the Sagrada Familia
    • The wood of the roof at the Sagrada Familia
    • The birthplace of Gaudí, the Mas de la Calderera
    • The square of the Arbre in front of bird
    • The Christ of the Sagrada Familia
    • Riudoms from the sky
    • The dragon of Park Güell
    • Monument dedicated to Gaudí in Riudoms, 1975
    • The parochial church of Sant Jaume
    • Entrance to Riudoms
    • Amazing view of the roof of the Sagrada Familia
    • Perspective of the town, with mountains in the background
    • Rosette ceiling of Park Güell
Wherefrom did the architect Antoni Gaudí extract his inspiration?

The forms, the textures, the light treatment , the organic structures, the handcrafted technologies, etc?

Which was the landscape that inspired this artist?

It was Riudoms, his village!

Do you want to discover Gaudí’s home, the farmhouse where he was born, the corners he used to visit, all his memories…?

Enter in this web, and discover it!